The PetroProphet Story

PetroProphet: Oilfield Education began as an idea by founder, Branum Stephan. Concerned about a lack of study/research tools for other petroleum engineering students, he began to create the original PetroProphet framework. In time, other colleagues joined to create the first PetroProphet team. Soon after, the young students began developing the website as a senior design project. Although initially created to be a student's study tool, industry feedback showed demand for a similar  tool that would allow oil and gas professionals all over the world to study and train at a discounted cost. 

Online training isn't a new idea in most fields, however, it's not quite so common in the oil and gas industry. Instead of the headache of travel costs and shared classrooms, we allow for an easier, more comfortable learning experience. PetroProphet mitigates this new market head on, and allows anyone to train anywhere, at anytime. Affordable, yet credible, the PetroProphet team ensures that you'll love our courses. Together, let's innovate the course at a time.